Decoration Trends

Home decoration is just as active in the clothing sector as the trends change every year. Let’s take a look at the upcoming decorating trends that you can get great ideas and apply in your homes.


Contrasts that you can create by combining old and new concepts as well as colors are among the most popular trends of the new era. With decoration ideas you can create using contradictions, you can add a modern touch to your home, and make your old furniture and accessories an integral part of your home decor.

Floral patterns

Flower motifs are expected to be one of the most popular decoration trends in the coming period. We can say that it is not too late to find a response to this trend in the clothing sector. You can use floral motifs in pillows, curtains, carpets and many other places, or you can choose flower bedspreads that will stimulate the cleanliness of your room.


The golden age of wallpapers nowadays considered nostalgic or even out of date is coming! Inside your rooms you can combine the parts you want to separate into different decoration details and support them using different wallpapers. Do not hesitate to take advantage of wallpapers where you can create great ideas in parallel with the contrast trend.


Popular icons were able to find their place in the decor. Many icons we used to see in walls, t-shirts and social media were adapted to the decorations of creative designer’s hands, and these accessories are already candidates to become the trendiest decoration trend in the coming period!

Just remember that fashion is “suits first” in the decor as it is in clothing. Aside from trends and advice, do not forget that the most appropriate decoration solutions for your home have gone through the most fitting accessories and applications to your taste and home.

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