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Sanremo Living Room

A combination of top comfort and sporting style. The vibrant colors of the summer months will give you a fresh air to your home. The dazzling Sanremo Sofa Suit with its unique fabric and colorful scrolls draws a modern look with its high wooden legs. It was designed to help on your tiredness. In addition to the triple seats, the colorful wing chair boldly demonstrates the professionalism of the decoration area.

Marin Living Room

The point where the majestic and noble colors match each other. The classic and detailed lines meet the dark colors and show a warm attitude. Designed for those who place quality in every aspect of your life with the ability to be a bed. With trendy colors, you are the pioneer of decorative ideas. Detail adds a rich look to the nostalgia with its back lines and high wooden legs. The Marin Seating Group’s assistant players allow you to design your room as you like with wing chair. Think of your walls painted in light shades and leave the rest to Marin. Being a trend pioneer requires courage.

Siena Living Room

Designed for a simple and quiet life. A natural flavor, a woman without makeup, and so brave; Siena Seating Group Designed for those who want a friendly atmosphere. Siena; it never ceases to offer comfort with its convertible mattress feature. While welcoming guests while focusing on eye and mind, it becomes a totally different pleasure. This time in your hall, not your seats, your curtains and your wooden stools color. Designed for those who want to feel calm.

Valenia Living Room

Designed with inspiration from understated elegance. This is VALENIA.  Geometric lines are hidden in simplicity. The matt color and wood detail are pushing the limits of beauty with own arm. VALENIA, complete with mattresses and pillows, is compact with a single. Comfort meets with fine details; high wooden legs and functionalities.

Dior Living Room

The DIOR Seating Group was crowded with different colors. You are bored in a single level of life and you are looking for a different detail for every corner of your house. In that case, the Dior Seating Group can accompany you comfortably. Your halls add a visual feast with large back cushions and colorful pillows. The comfort Dior offers does not just sit there; it is not difficult to accommodate guests thanks to the single openable bed system. Happiness that comes from Dior.

Felix Living Room

The lack of rooms painted in soft colors; FELIX  It presents the details of the back and bottom surface geometrically. It creates a modern style with thin lines in the armrests and woodwork from top to bottom. When the combination of the two colors brings a new perspective to your style, the alignment that is missing with wing chain turns into a compact look. The concealed comfort on the large seating surface creates a reason to lie curled. FELIX, which presents the sections from the nature, brings you the rest and sultanate you need.

Silva Living Room

SILVA is designed for lovers of classical as well as functional. SILVA is mixed with the relaxing green of nature; modern details with fine details, wooden details with traces of classic. It attracts attention with its colorful lace pillow and handwork. It offers comfort with its ability to be a bed.

Ruben Living Room

The Ruben Seating Group with its distinctive posture, wooden footwork and delicately thought-out details. Different color seats and wing chair harmony will add a new touch to the halls. While creating a peaceful and cozy atmosphere with a simple image, it offers a distant elegance from ordinary. Thanks to its ability to be a crate and a bed, it will meet your expectations.