Benino is under the brand power and guarantee of Doğtaş Mobilya. From the moment you receive a Benino product, you will begin to feel this power, this confidence, this guarantee, and life.

We thought and determined the most appropriate prices for your budget. We have not compromised on the quality and safety. All the needs are reaching you with this ease and these prices.

Our aim is not to show off. We aim to produce easy-to-use products, so we avoid extremes. Therefore we are preferred by everyone. The products are simple to reach and use.

We always make your life easier with spacious and rational solutions for narrow places. Our seating group are sandy or sleeper, our dress cupboards are drawer and functional. Our dining tables can be opened.

We have determined that we do not provide quality service and earn the trust of our customers as our basic mission. Our aim is to bring the best quality and trend products to our customers with the most reasonable price.


Our specialist transport and installation team brings your products to your home free of charge and provides installation.


Benino has set a social responsibility. This social responsibility is to improve the quality of life of our country with our aimed employees, their families and the whole society.


We do not use raw materials and cheap materials containing carcinogenic effect in the visible and invisible details of our products. We love nature. We produce our products from nature-friendly materials.